Operator Survival Band (OSB) V3.0

Bracelet Cobra Buckle Operator Survival Band Paracord

Finally here! Operator Survival Band, a 1.5 inch wide with a 1.5 inch velcro hook and loop closure with 1" inch Austrialpin Cobra Buckle FM. The bracelet band is made of Mil Spec 1 in. Nylon Webbing MIL Spec A-A-55301. It also has a 1.5 inch removable centered Velcro loop for attaching 1" x 2" inch morale patch. This OSB is made using a cobra weave with Mil Spec Type III 550 Paracord. It comes with a compass, firesteel (easy to pull out when needed), P38 can opener, 2 x fishing hooks, 2 fishing snap swivels, and 30' of braided top grade fishing line. All the things you need, in one central location.


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