Tactical Vehicle Visor Panel (TVVP)

Brand new product!

Tactical Vehicle Visor Panel is designed to wrap around the sun visor of your standard/Truck size vehicle to keep items organized within arms reach. The front section features a clear panel to hold vehicle registration and insurance policy, and another pocket for other paperworks. It also have 2 x 3 Elastic nylon webbing to hold pens and pencils. 

The Back side has a combination of elastic nylon webbing and velcro loop to hold flashlight, chemlight, knives and other items, and velcro loop for morale patches. The TVVP is hold down by velcro hook and loop for a secure wrap around your sun visor.  Can be easy adjusted for pulled off complete. 


  • 12" x 6" panel standard vehicle or 12' x 7.5" panel large vehicle
  • Can easily be adjusted to fit most standard vehicles
  • TVVP keeps vital gear for your vehicle like a glass breaker and seat belt cutter within easy reach
  • Velcro loop to display your moral patches
  • Made with high quality MIL-SPEC materials available
  • Hypalon Material, durable, tear resistant
  • Coyote Brown an Foliage Green
  • Made in the USA! made by a Marine

* Two designs are made for standard vehicle and for large (SUV/truck) vehicle.

Note* Measure your visor before purchase!

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