Tactical Drink Sleeve V2

Drink Cozy Drink Sleeve Nalgene Bottle

Introducing our new product to our site. The Tactical Drink Sleeve Version 2 comes with a 1 inch adjustable elastic webbing allows to fit numerous water bottle, coffee mug, Nalgene bottle and more. It has an elastic webbing to hold several pens and pencils. Has a a pouch for business card, ID card, money holder and many more options for the pouch. Displays a velcro panel for your favorite morale patch and finger slot for a better grip of your favorite bottle. 
5 x 13.5 inches
Elastic webbing for holding pens and pencils
3.5 x 4 inch pouch
Velcro panel for morale patch
Adjustable elastic for different sizes
Grip tech for firm tight non-slip bottle

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